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We all deserve to pamper ourselves once every so often. Many women do keep up with best spas and best facials at home. Sometimes, it is really nice to have the facial done for you. Facial treatments do not have to be expensive to make you feel nice.What are the different kinds of facials out there, you may ask? Well, there is an awesome facial to launch called the Triple Oxygen Treatment. This facial is tested by laboratory and had achieved great results! In fact, the facial was laboratory tested, and had got good results. It is rated very highly among those who had experienced it.While the Triple Oxygen Treatment costs more than a normal facial, the actual process takes longer as well. The treatment process is timed to two hours and costs 160 sterling. The user gets a high cleanse, deep scrub, Vitamin rich wash, gauze wrapping treatment, mask therapy, and finally an oxygen booster. Although the two hours may seem long, the therapist will also massage the face frequently preparing it for the next mask,Many women like this treatment because they can have a spa and a facial. They could last for eight weeks or longer. While you still feel the effects of the facial, the longer the effect takes to wear of the fitter you are. It is not good to have this type of rich mask very often. May be twice a year is fine. But in between use some less concentrated versions at home.Another recommended type of beauty treatment is the infra-Red portable spas: Beauty is not skin deep and many men and women also take an interest in the inside of their bodies. Taking a spa on a regular basis is good. If you are a busy person then sparing time might make it difficult. But if you were to buy an infrared spa then in the evenings you could have spa. There are untold health benefits to be gained from this type of therapy. It can cure and detoxify you without nay difficulty. It is ideal for the whole body and the face, and regular workouts will help to keep body weight down.The time it takes to organize a visit to the public spa, with an infrared spa you can be more private. You would save on fares, petrol costs and even parking. The spa is only 400 dollars for the basic model, and 1900.00 for the one with more gadgets. It is portable, use it anywhere. But most people tend to keep it in the basement.If you are going to buy one of these, then a steam shower is also nice for your health. The plumbing mechanism is so easy to use. If you already have a shower, then you need a transom to do the job. They are cheap enough to buy and can work out more economical than anything else. Just remember, having routine spa and facial sessions will be tremendously beneficial in maintaining your natural and youthful appearance!

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