I May Run A Small Business, But I Sure Am In A Heavy-Weight Brawl

You’ve heard the saying “its not the size of the Dog in the fight…”. Well, believe it or not, your business venture is a Heavy-Weight Bout. Just today, I received a Certified Letter from the company that hosts the software for my Title Insurance company. The letter explained that: due to the current mortgage crisis, they were going out of business and I need to find new software. I also got an email from a business site where I advertise, stating that: one of my top “pay per click” keywords was not relevant to my ad and they were rejecting it. These may seem like minor annoyances, and they are. But add that to the million and one issues that I have to troubleshoot today, and for a second I contemplated rescheduling all my appointments and setting the phone to Do Not Disturb.As a rule, I try not to let my mercury rise too much. Deep down, I just want everybody to get along and things to go smoothly. In business however, I’ve learned the hard way that there is always someone that wants to take my spot. There is always someone hungrier, meaner, with more drive, with more training, with less to lose. In business, I’ve had to learn to fight. Not that I have ever backed down from a fight, but in business, I’ve learned that issues come at me from unexpected sources at a moments notice and I refuse to be caught with my guard down… again.In business, I’ve learned to come out swinging when I am being attacked. I’ve learned to fight back former business partners who have wronged me and then badmouthed me all over town. I’ve learned to fight back unreasonable clients who want everything for next to nothing. I’ve learned to fight back employees with horrendous attitudes and entitlement issues. I’ve learned to fight back investors with unreasonable expectations and foul mouth. And the biggest monster I’ve had to fight back is the one inside of me who is dying to stop holding the world by a string and go surfing. It seems like every situation has to be managed, every potential monster needs its hand held.So why do I tell you all this? why do I paint this picture? it is to let you know that you are not alone. It is to let you know that the reward is in the fight itself. Every bruise and bump along the way is a medal of honor. It is a badge of courage. It is to let you know that no matter how bad things seem to get, working for yourself sure beats working for the man.

Pharmacy Technician Degrees And Certification For Better Career Prospect With Lucrative Salary

You may be planning to make your career in Pharmacy field by becoming a Pharmacy Technician. But, are you aware of the various Degrees and Certification that can be availed by completing different types of training programs. But, before we continue with the technician degree and certification, let us find out, who pharmacy working personnel are and, how degrees are helpful in their pharmacy career perusal.Pharmacy TechniciansPharmacy professionals are these working individuals, who aid a licensed pharmacist in running his medication store, by helping him in prescription preparation, offer safe and quality customer care and services, provide medications to patients, perform administrative duties, inform them about various effects of the drugs, look after cash counter, bottle labeling, arrange and pack drugs, and perform multiple common pharmacy works.A technician works in different types of pharmacy settings, such as drug store, retail pharmacies, chain pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, super market medication store and so on. He/she is also well versed with state and federal pharmacy law, rules and regulations, which are essential for safe and effective customer and patient services.DegreesThough, it is not necessary to pursue any formal academic course for working in a Pharmacy but, availing the proper education, training and certification highly brighten their job prospects and provide them opportunities to earn higher salary. The advancement in medical science and technology, and discovery of numerous new life saving drugs have also prompted Pharmacy owners to employ professionalized, knowledgeable and skillful technicians.There are many community colleges, schools, trade schools and online training programs, which offers various degrees to a Pharmacy Technician.Different types of Pharmacy Degrees can be summed up as follows:Certificates
These certificates offer training programs, which train an individual for a retail or clinical environment, by providing basic and fundamental skills necessary to perform the job functions in these settings. These Certificate programs can be completed in less than a year. Only, high school diploma is pre-requisite for entering this program.Diplomas
These diploma programs are prepared to supplement the prior accrued knowledge, with skill based education. Many students holding associate degrees in medical assisting or similar degrees and planning to enter pharmacy field, opt for this program. The duration of the course is around one year and this course also prepares a student for his/her Certification program.Associate’s degrees
This program provides more detailed knowledge and skills as compared to certificate and diploma course. Associate degree program offers broad training on medical field, together with focused training in pharmacy practice. The student is also offered outside externship for practical hand-on job experience, which makes a student familiar with exact pharmacy working conditions and makes him ready, when he/she join any pharmacy for working.By availing these degrees, a Technician can highly brightens his job prospects with better salaries and can also avail Pharmacy Technician Certification by passing PTCB test.

The Importance Of Telecommunications Consultants

Telecommunications consultants are particularly vital to a company. They give expert advice on matters to do with telecommunication devices in the company. Such a professional advises companies on the best devices for their telecommunication needs.The machines used in the field of information technology change very quickly. Companies need to keep abreast with the latest trends. Consulting in this field of work can be very lucrative.There is no single company today that does not employ the use of computers, fax machines, and even telephones. This means that there is a large client base for consultants. It is possible to work for different companies at the same time. An individual does not have to be a full time employee of a company in order to provide consulting services. This line of work gives the individual a great level of flexibility. He or she just needs to know how to manage their time when working for more than one company at a time.Providing such consultancy services require a loyal clientele. The fact that one does not work for a particular company means that they are not on the payroll of any of them. The company can easily get other professionals to offer the same service. In order to have a loyal client base, the individual has to put more effort. He or she must be very efficient in their work. Satisfying the customer every time they give a job is the only way of ensuring that clients remain loyal.A loyal customer will more often than not recommend the consultant to other potential customers. This simply means translates to more money for the professional. In order to avoid the uncertainties of working as an individual, one can choose to work for a consulting firm.Most companies prefer to outsource for consultancy services from consulting firms as opposed to individuals. This is because there is a greater assurance that they will get value for their money from such firms. Choosing to work for such a firm increases the chances of getting consultancy jobs. It also gives one the assurance of having a paycheck to look forward to at the end of the month or week.It is however important for an individual to affiliate him or herself with a reputable consulting firm. There are firms that are notorious for the provision of substandard consultancy services. Working for such a firm is committing career suicide. One is better off working by themselves. Professionals who opt to work on their own need to consider the location where they intend to ply their trade.Telecommunications consultants need to be located in areas where technological advancement is high. It is pointless to choose to work in a remote village where the level of technological advancement is very low. If there are no people using the telecommunications devices, there are no people to provide the consultancy services to. One must know where the trade will flourish and where it will not. Overall, it is a great way of earning a living especially for technology enthusiasts.